Leadville Real Estate Information

Leadville is a unique, relatively small community found near the highest points of Lake County, Colorado. Leadville serves as the county seat of Lake County, which is not surprising considering that Leadville is the only incorporated community in the county. Leadville is technically considered a statutory city, and is the highest incorporated city in the entire United States. Leadville is nicknamed the “two mile high city”, a testament to the fact that Lakeville is found at an altitude of ten thousand, one hundred and fifty two feet, nearly twice the altitude of Denver, the mile high city. Leadville is situated in the central section of Lake County, which in turn is located in the middle portion of the state of Colorado.

The history of Leadville began in the year eighteen sixty, when gold was discovered in California Gulch just before the start of the American Civil War. The ongoing Pikes Peak Golf Rush lead to the creation of Oro City, a temporary settlement near the site of modern day Leadville. Leadville itself was developed in the eighteen seventies, when the discovery of silver and the Colorado Silver Boom led to the rapid expansion of the settlement. At its peak during the early eighteen eighties, the population of Leadville had swollen to more than forty thousand residents, making it the second largest city in the state after Denver. Unfortunately, Leadville became much less important following the decline of national interest in Silver as a form of currency, and was dealt another, nearly fatal blow following the closing of the Climax Mine during the nineteen eighties.

The culture of Leadville began to improve substantially after the economic downturn, as the community underwent a period of urban renewal and constructed a number of facilities such as the National Mining Museum and Hall of Fame. Popular annual activities in Leadville include the Boom Days, the Saint Patrick's Day Practice Parade, and of course the Crystal Carnival. Colorado's tallest mountain, Mount Elbert, is right by Leadville, as are a number of other recreational activities and places to shop and dine. Leadville is located near the center of the state of Colorado and the Continental Divide, making it a convenient base for scenic rides and day trips.